The idea

The website was the sum up of ideas came up from many hours spent (asking "What do you need from a website ? Movies, Pictures, Socialization, Games... What ?") in the summer of 2006, on MSN, mIRC, web polls, personal talks and recommendations from many of the members !

Message from the Founder

- "I was 13 years old, trying to make something better than #Skyclub - which was a channel on mIRC (UnderNet) ! - A web app with Movies, Pictures - Gallery - Albums, Live Chat, Personal Messages, Games, Software, Forum, Helpful Information, Contests, News & Events, etc. (wow !) Something that Facebook was all about until recently (2021 - before Meta)"


  • has never been hacked. There were daily attacks but nothing worth taking it down
  • We never run any ads - the costs were covered from us (Panagiotis & e-XRU - later Internetivo)
  • It was the first website targeting students in Cyprus
  • in 2008 was adopted by us (until 2021)
  • Website was hosted by Cynetworks or Cy-Shells or
  • Website was closed after 3 years (2006-2009)
  • Website is now hosted by Internetivo

  • Core Team

  • Panagiotis E. (aka GiotisSL) - Founder
  • George P. (aka Xtreme or Xtremeboy) - Extreme AIO Admin Supporter

  • Special Thanks to

  • George P.
  • e107 Community (
  • e107 Greek Community (
  • Christian dela C. (aka iandc76)
  • Samir K. (aka AkIrA)
  • Henk J. (aka nlstart)
  • Despo N. (aka sWeEt_f)
  • Christina C. (aka ^t|n0u4z_)
  • Michaela K. (aka MeLiSsOuA)
  • Lydia C. (aka m0l0uin)
  • Constantinos C. (aka kAr0tSaKlAs^)
  • Mixalis G. (aka K1Ll3r)
  • Marios C. (aka AeL-TiFoZi or Sp0ntas)
  • Andreas C. (aka [C]rAsH_OvEr)
  • Elias E. (aka R0cK3r)
  • Kiriakos P. (aka aLoUpOs^)
  • Marios A. (aka z1010)
  • Evangelos A. (aka Smash)
  • Stathis P. (aka xCod)
  • Loukas D. (aka Germanos)
  • Nikolas E. (aka bOog3ymAn)
  • Administrators, Moderators, Supporters, Helpers, Posters, Consultants, DJ's and Contributors